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Nakover export
Nakover export

"NAKOVER" LLC — one of the largest manufacturers of Sambo equipment.

"NAKOVER" LLC is a part of Group of Companies, that carries out the construction and equipping of sports facilities,

as well as the production and distribution of goods to all martial arts.

NAKOVER history began in 2012, when the active athletes facing inconvenience of acquisition Sambo equipments, decided

to set up a shop in which all athletes and their parents all over Russia could acquire high-quality equipment for training and competition without the slightest difficulty.

The store evolved, earning the trust of consumers, and in 2014 signed a distributorship agreement with production equipment

for martial arts leaders: Asics for wrestling, Adidas for Judo and BJJ and Green Hill for Boxing.

In 2015, in line with development strategy, our company creates brand NAKOVER and starts production of equipment

and accessories for Sambo under this brand.

photo with representatives of the Sambo Federation of Venezuela and Sambo Federation of China in NAKOVER equipment

Before the start of mass production there were many prototypes and tests with coaching staff and current athletes. Nowadays, equipment is using by world ranking leaders. We have had certification from Russian sambo federation.

photo with Shestakov B.V. — President of FIAS

Brand’s geography is growing every day. In 2016 have been made deliveries to Mexico, Scotland, Japan and Estonia, which have appreciated equipment from Sambo birthplace — Russia. At the end of 2016 athletes were contesting at the World Championship in Bulgaria in equipment under the brand NAKOVER.

We’re glad to active development of our brand: creating new accessories, improving equipment parts. We have partnership relations with leading delivery services. In our shop are available various payment systems. We do our best in order to NAKOVER equipment will attract athletes around the world due to its quality and convenience.


You can get acquainted with our catalog and wholesale prices. For make the order and get the information about delivery terms please send e-mail on cm@nakover.ru



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